How To Pressure Wash Cedar Deck

Summer’s a comin’ around the mountain as she comes.

Have you been putting off your cedar deck upkeep?

Got some shape and mold development?

It’s okay, it happens to potentially anyone. Particularly if your deck faces North. We’ve just encouraged you how to secure your deck in the winter, so now quit being apathetic and how about we figure out how to weight wash a cedar deck and prepare it for your next BBQ!

Those Leaves Are Killing You!

A snappy expression of alert before we go ahead. Old, wet leaves left on the surface of your cedar deck are the greatest reason for harm and squalor.

They will get down in the breaks between the sheets and quicken rot.

It’s great practice to attempt to clear your deck at any rate once seven days to shield the leaves from working up. Two or three minutes seven days can add two or three years to your deck’s life.


Power washer with 25 and 45 degree tips

Deck stripper (sodium hydroxide based)

Deck Brightener


Decks have a hard life sitting out presented to the components all year . It’s no big surprise that they require a little TLC occasionally. Doing it without anyone’s help can take you from $500-1000 for an expert cleaning to under $200 to do it without anyone else’s help.

I know which technique I would pick.

I will expect in this instructional exercise that you haven’t done anything to your deck in a while and it’s amassed so terrible stains. We will take it from zero to saint!

I’ll make note of superfluous strides for those of you that simply need a fundamental cleaning.

On the whole…

Power Washing Your Cedar Deck

Note: prompts against control washing your cedar deck since it can strip the softwood. Like most things, however, this exhortation is subject to your circumstance. Numerous individuals still pick weight wash their cedar decks, and in this way we are offering directions to the individuals who do as such. We’ve endeavored to give guidelines as well as can be expected on the most proficient method to defend against any outcomes of intensity washing, however recollect: with extraordinary power (washing) comes incredible obligation.

Lease a Pressure Washer

Alright, first you need to lease your capacity washer on the off chance that you don’t as of now have one. You can get one locally at Home Depot or, in the event that you get a kick out of the chance to shop locally, you can attempt Arapahoe Rentals in Littleton.

You need to get weight washer that takes into account the utilization of substance cleaners. They ought to have one. You likewise need one that can achieve 1200psi, which isn’t too high, however any higher and you will begin to strip wood. This is one reason some don’t care to control wash their decks.

A lot of individuals do, however, without an issue.

You can get a power washer for about $40/day.

Get Your Chemicals

Deck stripper: This part is for those that have released their deck and have old stainer or awful stains that they need to evacuate. You utilize a deck stripper when you have some intense develop to evacuate. Verify whether yours is pre-blended or should be weakened.

On the off chance that this is a lighter employment then you can simply get an essential eco-accommodating deck more clean.

Deck brightener: once more, this is for those out there that need to complete an intensive employment and reestablish their cedar deck to like new quality. Deck brightener will give the wood its unique sparkle back before recoloring.

Cedar Sealant and Stain: this straightforward sealer and light stain will obscure your recently lit up cedar deck sheets to an excellent, characteristic shading. A straightforward sealant with no stain will ensure the wood yet enable it to turn that rural gleaming dim. Or on the other hand pick a darker stain that you like.

Avoid potential risk

While many deck strippers are not unsafe to plants, some are. It’s most likely a smart thought whichever way to intensely water your encompassing plants and grass and toss something over the closest plants that may get hit by shower. Additionally wet any siding that may get hit by offspray.

Down to Business

You have your deck stripper stacked up, the power washer associated, goggles on and you’re prepared to go.

rise from trailer stop young men

Put the 25-30 degree tip (which at the correct separation will be about the width of a deck board) on the wand and set the washer to 750-800 psi to begin and turn it up no higher than 1000 psi on the off chance that you think you require more weight. It’s best to begin with the stairs, on the off chance that you have any, keeping in mind the end goal to get acclimated with the power washer and change your weight and separation in like manner. It’s significantly less demanding to change a 2 ft. stair board than a 16 ft. deck board. When you feel good, proceed onward to the railings and balustrades and work your way down to the deck sheets.

Keep the wand around 10 inches from the wood and endeavor to keep consistent energy. Floating over a similar spot for a really long time will abandon you with marks that should be sanded out. Make an effort not to turn up the strain to wreck hard stains, simply go over them a couple of times. Any that don’t turn out can be scoured away later with a brush and more clean.

After the railings and balustrades, move to the deck sheets. This is the fun part where you truly get the chance to see the your rewards for so much hard work wash away the grime.

You can utilize a feathering procedure, which will help forestall streaks, for the deck sheets.

“Feathering”is a method that may enable you to veil the begins and stops of the range. With this system you need to cover the zones already cleared, ensuring that the point where the spout is nearest to the wood starts at the point where the breadth finished on the past stroke. Continually working with the grain or the length of the board, this method requires more strokes and is slower however completes an uncommon activity. It additionally guarantees that as a great part of the cleaner is evacuated/weakened as could reasonably be expected. Overabundance cleaner left on the deck surface can have enduring and hindering impacts. Quill is the most proficient technique for utilizing a weight washer on a deck surface.”

Give your deck a flush with unadulterated water when youre done to dillute the stripper a bit and wash any that may have hit your siding.

Light up Your Cedar Deck

Presently change to the deck brightener and put the 40-45 degree tip on the wand and change the weight to 1000 psi. Power wash your cedar deck as you did with the deck stripper, beginning with the railings and balustrades first.

Deck brightener doesn’t should be washed away after, however you should flush your siding once more. The brightener just takes a matter of minutes to work, and you should see some sensational changes in your cedar or redwood now.

Give It An Once Over

Presently’s a decent time to give the deck a quick overview to search for distending nails or screws that should be supplanted. We like utilizing powder-covered screws on our normal wood ventures since they won’t rust and drain onto the wood.

This is additionally a decent time for you to supplant any loads up that should be supplanted. That is the point at which you come to see us and get some oven dried cedar decking (wink).

Recoloring Your Cedar Deck

You ought to dependably hold up 48 hours to let your deck completely dry. On the off chance that it rains in that time then you need to hold up an additional 2 days before doing it. You would prefer not to recolor in full sun, so attempt to do it in the brilliant long stretches of the morning or night.

Utilizing a stain application cushion will make life less demanding for you. Interface it to a floor brush handle and spare yourself some back agony.

a man recoloring his cedar deck with a cushion instrument

Of course, begin with the railings and handrails. Attempt to apply the sealer/recolor with a relentless movement and recollect that the stain will obscure on the off chance that you more than once go over a similar region. Smooth out any drops that tumble to the deck to anticipate spotting.

Move to the deck sheets straightaway and endeavor to finish an entire board in one range. Beginning and stop will leave clear zones of cover. You need to drench the cushion, yet not to the point of trickling.

When you finished the deck sheets get a brush and do the difficult to achieve places and any touch up that you require. Be key about this since you would prefer not to stroll on the new stain for around 48 hours.


Get yourself a lager and loll in the compliments from your significant other or spouse. You demonstrated that deck who’s supervisor and it looks great once more! Likewise, be content that you won’t need to do that again for quite a while. Furthermore, by then you can most likely get your grandchildren or kids to do it.